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Hot Stamping Foil


We supply high quality foil made in Germany, by Kurz. Kurz is renowned as one of the best foil manufacturers in the world. Their foils offer premium quality finish.

Give your products the next level of detail with hot foil stamping. This foil have good application properties, and are recommended for genuine and synthethic leathers.

  • Fine detail application grade
  • Excelent adhesion
  • Good relief embossing properties
  • Good Temperature resistance


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Font Box


Store your brass type in this luxurious font storage box – specifically designed for the purpose. Choose between two different sizes. Comes with a magnetic lid for convinent use.


Small: 63 holes

Lage: 80 holes.

Disclaimer: pictured brass types is not included.

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Direct Holder


With the direct holder you can attach any dies. A perfect companion if you have a die with screwholes.

Designed to fit M4 sized screws.

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Self-Centring Die Holder


The Self-Centring Die Holder is briliant for those planning to print with longer/wider or lower dies. It hold dies up to 115mm in length and down to 8.5mm in heigth.

The clever design makes it quick and easy to align your stamp. The self-centering component reduces your time aligning the stamps. Simply place the dies and tigthen any of the screws, and the holder will align it to the middle.

If you stamp with several rows there are 3 adjustments screws to secure all rows firmly.

Fits all our hot stamping machines. Designed to connect with no effort to our machines. Simply slide in place.

The holder is designed to last. All parts are manufactured in South-Korea, and are assembled by hand.

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Custom Brass Die


We make any brass dies custom to order. Please send us an email through “Contact us” page or chat for a quatation before ordering. The price will depend on the size of the die. We are happy to consult you before purchase.

The brass dies are made of solid high quality brass. Deeply engraved with precision CNC. This ensures perfect alignment and exact size.

Please send your design in AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF format. The artwork should be in solid black and white. If you don’t have the formats – we are happy to help you.


All dies are made to order in South-Korea. The production time is 3 weeks.

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Self-Centring Basic Holder


The Self-Centring basic holder is perfect for printing personalised names, initials or logos. The holder fits most brass types and smaller logos.

Clever self-centring mechanism makes it easy to use – no more trouble with centering you’r dies. Simply place the die and adjust any of the screws – the holder will align the dies to the center.

Fits dies up to 120mm and 20mm width. Your die should be at least 20mm. There is 3 adjustments scews if you stamp with several rows.

The holder fits all of our machines. Easy connection – slide in place.

Manufactured in South-Korea. We have not cut any corners – this will stand the test of time.

Works well with our Brass Letters and Custom Brass Dies.

Key features

  • Self-Centring
  • Fits all our machines
  • Fits dies up to 120mmx 20mm
  • Support multiple rows of letters
  • Made in South-Korea
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Brass Alphabet letters


We supply brass type in all range of styles and sizes. For any custom orders contact customer service.

Our brass type is machined from high quality solid brass. At standard we produce single beveled letters for an accurate, clean and crisp finish for your stamp. This is a more expensive technique than double-beveled – but results in a better result. The characters are deeply engraved with precision CNC. This ensures perfect alignment and exact point size.

All types comes with a machined line on the top. So that you always know which direction to place the letters. A little detail that makes a huge difference. There is nothing worse than realizing that you have stamped upside down.

If not otherwise specified the brass letters are manufactured at 25mm heigth to fit our holders (and most on the market). This makes it easier to exhange your dies.


All brass type are made to order in South-Korea. Production time is 3 weeks.

How to order

Follow the steps bellow to order. In the field where you choose which letters you want, please include the amount of each letter. At the bottom you select the total amount including all the letters.

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No. 41 Hot Stamping Machine



No.41 is our smallest hot stamping machine. The machine is beautifully designed, and we have customers keeping it solely as decoration in the living room. That speaks for it self. Still it is designed with functionality in mind. With this machine you will get enough power to stamp all your goods – with precision.

Self-centering basic holder, vertical- and horizontal guide are included in the package. Take a look at our other products for additional machine accesories. We are constantly developing additional accesories that will fit all previously sold machines.

We recommend pairing the machine with our BRASS Letter stamps, BRASS Custom dies and Hot Stamping Foil.


  • Handle angle-adjustment
  • Tiltable holder-jig
  • Adjustable temperature (0-400C)
  • Live temperature display
  • Made in South-Korea
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