O U R  M I S S I O N 

Deliver high quality leathertools at a competetive price – with a first class customer service.

We make high quality tools

Tools are an extension of our creative freedom. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use, so our products are built to give a great experience . Nothing is worse than a dull tool. 

All our products are engineered and manufactured in South-Korea. A country well known for it’s industrial competence. We have strict quality requirments, and all tools are tested thoroughly before released to the market.

This is our story

J.S Wilton is your provider of high quality leatherworking tools, equipment and accessories. We are passionate about leathercrafting and everything we offer at this store is used by our team on a daily basis.

We have been leatherworking and tooling enthusiasts for many years – and have, as our fellow leatherworkers, endulged in this that we love.

Our hassle has always been that the products we use are either of low quality(sub-par) and/or too expensive considering value of money.

That is why we started J.S Wilton & Co.

We are proud of our products

As mentioned – we use our products every day. We have in-depth knowledge about our tools, and we are here to help you – we want you to succeed!

The customer- and after sales service is located in Norway, Europe. We are set to deliver first class customer support. Both before and after sales.

All customers are equally important and we love to hear from you – by social media, chat or mail. 

Want to know more?

Check out our blog posts and instagram to get a glance in to who we are and why we treasure the tools and equipment that we offer.

You can also find guides and demonstrations, as well as projects we are working on. We are more than interested in seeing your craft!

Please feel free to tag us or contact us, one leathercrafter to another.

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