No. 41 Hot Stamping Machine



No.41 is our smallest hot stamping machine. The machine is beautifully designed, and we have customers keeping it solely as decoration in the living room. That speaks for it self. Still it is designed with functionality in mind. With this machine you will get enough power to stamp all your goods – with precision.

Self-centering basic holder, vertical- and horizontal guide are included in the package. Take a look at our other products for additional machine accesories. We are constantly developing additional accesories that will fit all previously sold machines.

We recommend pairing the machine with our BRASS Letter stamps, BRASS Custom dies and Hot Stamping Foil.


  • Handle angle-adjustment
  • Tiltable holder-jig
  • Adjustable temperature (0-400C)
  • Live temperature display
  • Made in South-Korea
Additional information
Weight 15.5 kg
Power plug

A, B, C

E L E G A N T  D E S I G N

The No.41 showcases an excellent combination of black matte metal and dark wood details. The color scheme has been carefully crafted and selected for the exclusive appearance. We wanted to create a machine that looks as great on your workbench as on social media, and with a small footprint, you don’t have to compromise on space.

Engineered to last


Nothing is worse than a tool that's not fit for the job. We know - we are leathercrafters. This machine is made using only quality parts. Our machine is engineered and manufactured in South-Korea. A country well known for it's industrial competence and precise manufacturing.No.41 is designed to stand the test of time. With it's modular design the machine can be fixed on site if an unlikely accident occurs. Ready to accompany you into the future.

Hot Stamping Machine in Leathercraft studio
Work comfort


The spring activated mechanism let you tilt the holder jig facing towards you. Work more comfortably and control your stamps one last time- before it's to late. There is nothing worse than ruining your leather masterpiece.


The machine is equipped with a horizontal and vertical guide. This helps for consistent and easy alignment of your products. Designed for you convinence. 

Adjustable temperature controller or Stamping machine


The temperature controller is packed in a beautiful black casing. Simply press the arrows to adjust to the desired temperature (from 0-400C). You will get a live view of the heaters current temperature.


The culimination of years of experience, No. 51 Hot Stamping Machine advances our engineering and leathercraft experience. The machine have been in daily use for years, and are trusted by reputable stores as Samsonite, Moleskine, Hartmann and Metrocity.

Beutifully designed, powerful and precise.

Level up your game with


All parts are made using laser and CNC -  the machine is manufactured with precision down to the milimiter.  That's essential for an accurate and consistent stamp.Feauturing an internal gear system the machine becomes a powered extension of your arm. Little effort gives enough power and at the same time maintains accuracy.Besides -  we designed the machine so you can level it if any accidents occur - unlike our competitors.

We got you covered


To get you going, this beautifully engineered basic holder is included in our standard package. It fits brass letters and logos (within 20mm). It centers your stamps automatically - get rid of the hassle with eye-balling.Smooth operation - Powerful tool for achieving consistent stamping.Read more at the product page.
Take your business to the next milestone


The powerful temperature controller enables the No.51 Hot stamping machine to work just as great on leather as on

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Paper

Why not offer more? With No 41 you can deliver new services to your client/friends.Or take the next step in brand marketing by hot foil stamping your packaging. Consistenly done by big leather houses to increase the market perception of their brand.Besides why not hot foil your business cards, thank you cards or other supplies? We are sure your client will appreciate it.

Machine hot foil stamping wallet in leathercraft studio


No. 41 is an incredibly high quality and beautiful manufactured hot stamping machine. With features that is sure to make you succeed. Our main priority is quality and design. We have not cut any corners to deliver this to you. Yet the price is highly competitive compared to other machines.

When you purchase a product from us you can rest assure that we will be here for you if you have any questions. Whether you prefer social media, e-mail or telephone support. Besides you are welcome to watch our instructional videoes or read our blog at anytime.We are not like any other hot stamping machine company - we are truly passionate about hot foil stamping, and we are leathercrafters ourselves. - so we understand your needs.If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you!

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